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Picture of Rachel Kaiser

A-plus Math

by Rachel Kaiser - Monday, January 9, 2006, 11:52 AM
The link to the site is

This site is a great site for learning many things. On it, it has a homework helper that your students could use if they were stuck on an assignment. Also, if you are working on flashcards, you could go to this site because it has a flashcard game on it. In the flashcard game, you can study adding, subtracting, square roots, division, multiplication, rounding, or analog clock. You can also use the flashcards creator or the custom flashcards if you want to mix it up or create your own. There is also a game room that has a wide variety of different games to help your students learn while having fun. Their are a few more little things on the site, but one of the cool things is that they have a place where teachers or students can go and get worksheets for assignments or just to practice.

Picture of Michelle Moore

by Michelle Moore - Friday, February 3, 2006, 8:24 PM
From Kellie Smith:

Here is a free, excellent site to use for your classes or for your own

It is not complex to use but here is a demo of how the site works, showing
different resources it has to offer:

>From their site:
"Reliability, not popularity, is the criterion for our answers.
contains only up-to-date, accurate definitions and explanations from
authoritative sources like Houghton-Mifflin, Columbia University Press, Merriam
Webster, MarketWatch, Investopedia and Who2. In addition, you can trust your
children with content, eliminating the need to do research in
potentially out-of-date or unsafe sites on the Web."

This site helps put together information better than search engines. You can
research topics, weather, people, definitions, etc. For teachers who do
research projects and have their students use this site to gather information
it will help the students with the different citations needed for their papers.
It is has a teacher toolkit that shows what is going on for the current day and
how this site can be beneficial for ESL and EFL students. I hope that you take
the time to check this site out.